CrownBet AFL Live Streaming Review

CrownBet AFL live Streaming

If you love your AFL, then you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on this service. It is set to take your AFL experience to a whole new level, giving you incredible access to live games, wherever you are in the world. Meet CrownBet AFL Live Streaming. Also known as CrownBet AFL Live Vision, this cutting-edge service allows you to stream every single AFL game, every single week, straight to your mobile device – be it a smartphone or a tablet. Streaming is available for both iOS and Android applications.

That’s right, whether you are relaxing at home on your couch, catching some sun at the beach or hanging out with friends at the park, you won’t have to miss a match. Simply turn on your smartphone or tablet at the right time, hit the CrownBet AFL Live application and start watching.

Getting access to CrownBet AFL Live is simple. We know that most people live busy lives, so we like to make things straightforward. After all, your passion for AFL should be nothing but pure enjoyment. So, to take advantage of CrownBet AFL Live Vision, all you have to do is open an account with CrownBet. There is nothing more to it. What’s more, once you are a CrownBet member, there is absolutely no charge for using the service. That’s right, you can watch games every week to your heart’s content without paying a cent. That said, if you don’t have unlimited data, it’s probably a good idea to ask your mobile phone company about data charges. No one likes getting unpleasant surprises when the bills roll in!

In addition, it is important to remember that CrownBet AFL Live Streaming is exclusive to mobile devices. So, you definitely need a tablet or smartphone to reap its benefits. The service will not work on your desktop computer because it only works via mobile application and isn’t available via the CrownBet website.

By the way, when we say every AFL match every week, we mean it. CrownBet AFL Live Streaming includes all the regular season matches, as well as the finals matches, and the biggest event of all: the Grand Final. So, from the very first kick of the very first ball of the season to the final whistle of the final game, you won’t have to let a minute of action escape you.

How to Stream AFL Games Live

It’s safe to say that, thanks to CrownBet, streaming AFL games live has never been easier. With just a few quick moves, you can get access to every game every week via your mobile phone or tablet.

The first step in getting access to the amazing CrownBet AFL Live Streaming service is opening a CrownBet account. All you have to do is provide a few details and register. Once that’s over and done with, the next step is to download the CrownBet application. It is available for both iOS and Android, so regardless of what kind of device you have, you will be covered.

Once the app is safely installed, the third step is to navigate your way to the live AFL event that you want to stream and enjoy. That’s easy, too. Simply find the ‘Watch Live’ button, which is located at the top of every AFL event page, and then hit it. Before you know it, the match will be streaming before your eyes.

Are you using data to stream? Is your access to data unlimited? If not, then we kindly suggest that you get in touch with your Internet provider, to find out how much streaming a live AFL match costs. Copping unexpectedly exorbitant charges when bill time comes along is nobody’s idea of fun. However, if you know exactly how much data you need and just how much it costs, then you won’t have a thing to worry about. If you expect to watch a lot of AFL (after all, the CrownBet AFL Live Streaming application gives you access to every match, every week, all season, including finals and Grand Finals), then buying a bigger data package could be worthwhile.

Another thing to keep in mind that is that, if your phone screen is too small to give you really good vision, then you might be better off watching CrownBet AFL Live via a tablet. The app is available for smartphones and tablets, so watch all the action in the format that suits you best.

Now that you know exactly how to stream AFL games live, why not get started straight away? Wherever you are – be that at home in your bed or at a mate’s house – all the action is just a few clicks from reach. Take advantage of convenient CrownBet AFL Live Streaming today.