CrownBet Rewards Program - Earn CrownBet Reward Points

CrownBet Rewards

For a unique and exciting loyalty program with a difference join CrownBet Rewards. This exciting and game-changing partnership is between Crown Resorts and CrownBet, a sophisticated and highly popular online betting platform. When you take part in the program, you earn points and access to a range of benefits and privileges that are unprecedented in the industry.

When you join CrownBet Rewards, you also get access to benefits under the CrownBet Signature Club Membership. It means you get CrownBet Rewards points every time you place a racing and sports bet using CrownBet, which is also an official partner of the AFL.

When you earn enough points, you can use them at Crown Melbourne, and redeem them for a range of things including CrownBet Bonus Bets and exciting AFL experiences. If you go to Crown Melbourne as a CrownBet Rewards member, you will get hotel discounts, dining offers and many other exclusive member privileges.

CrownBet Reward points can even be redeemed for things like betting tips, quality supporter merchandise, the latest in modern entertainment including Spotify and Presto, gift cards and charity donations. Or if you want to head to Crown Melbourne, there are experiences including restaurants, hotels and more.

Earning CrownBet Rewards Points

CrownBet Rewards points could hardly be easier to earn. All you need to do is place a bet with CrownBet, the popular and easy-to-use online betting platform, and those points start coming your way.

For example, if you place a $2 bet on any horse racing market, you automatically earn a CrownBet Rewards point. And for every further $2 you put on top of that, the points just keep rolling in.

But it gets even better. Bet just $1 on fixed win and exotic horse racing better markets, and you earn a CrownBet Rewards point. So if your bet is $10, then 10 CrownBet Rewards points are yours – and so on. The sky is the limit.

Multi Bets also see those CrownBet Rewards points coming your way. Place a Multi Bet and you get 1 CrownBet Rewards point for every $1 punt.

And if spending time throughout the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne is what you enjoy doing best, you’ll get your CrownBet Rewards points as part of your Crown Signature Club membership. That means that if you love placing a bet but also enjoy the excitement of the casino, hotels, spas, restaurants and bars, you’ll find those CrownBet Rewards points simply start pouring in.

All you need to do is present your Crown Signature Club card at participating outlets and you’re on your way.

Redeeming CrownBet Rewards Points

Using your CrownBet Rewards Points is just as easy as it is to earn them – but much more fun! That’s because you can use your CrownBet Rewards points for a range of exciting experiences, services and products.

One way you can use your CrownBet Rewards Points is on CrownBet Bonus bets between $2.50 and $1000. You can also spend CrownBet Rewards Points on horse racing tipping services, hospitality vouchers for VIC Country horse racing, or in the AFP Shop.

But there are so many other ways to use your CrownBet Rewards points too, including entertainment like Spotify, Presto, at Village Cinemas, on sports memorabilia and merchandise and on restaurants and Crown hotels at Crown Melbourne. Or use your CrownBet Rewards points for a gift, including a Mr. Aristotle gift card, Horse Back Winery Tours and more. You can even redeem your CrownBet Rewards Points for donations to important charities like Cure for MDN Foundation and the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Your CrownBet Rewards can also be spent on unbelievable sports adventures, including the famous Monaco Grand Prix, Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby, the Dubai World Cup, the Daytona 500, NBA Finals, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon – and the list doesn’t even stop there!

Crown Signature Club Membership

There are no less than five rewarding tiers of a CrownBet Signature Club Membership. They are – in ascending order – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. Depending on the tier, there is a different range of CrownBet Signature Club benefits, but rest assured they are all exciting and rewarding.

What tier level you’re on depends on your Membership Credits, and each step you make opens up new levels of rewards and benefits. Each membership Credit is earned by getting 450 Tier Points in a week.

1 CrownBet Rewards point is equal to 1 Tier CrownBet Rewards Point, with spending at hotels, CrownBet casino games and CrownBet all at your fingertips. But 5 CrownBet Rewards Points is equal to 1 tier point for restaurants, bars, retail and conference centres.

And once you are a CrownBet Signature Club Member, you’ll be in the running for the Ultimate Prize Jackpot each week – an Audi A1.

Earning points at Crown Casino could not be easier: just take part in eSports tournaments, spend some time on the casino floor, stay in the luxury hotels or dine at the world-class restaurants. Whatever you do, you’ll earn points simply by presenting your Crown Signature Club card when you make transactions.

CrownBet Rewards Privileges

CrownBet Rewards and your exciting and valuable CrownBet Signature Club Membership open up a whole world of privileges and benefits for you to enjoy. How much you benefit from the program depends on the tier level your membership reaches, but the good news is that along the way, an exciting, fun and rewarding journey awaits.

CrownBet Signature Club benefits include things like free parking at Crown Resorts and discounts for staying at Crown hotels – but so much more as well. Also in the offering, thanks to CrownBet Rewards, are birthday offers, privileged access to private gaming areas, priority seating for restaurants and hotels, and so much more that makes having a CrownBet Signature Club Membership really worth it.

The Membership Tier Period is a six-month review phase, during which the level of your membership tier is set. Your Membership Credits determine your precise tier level and therefore the range of CrownBet Rewards benefits and privileges that will open up for you.

One Membership Credit is achieved by earning 450 Tier Points in a week, while to upgrade or keep your existing Membership Tier, it is necessary to earn the necessary number of Membership Credits within the Membership Tier Period.