Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Are you a real fan of the horses, or do you simply like to have a punt on them? Perhaps you like to attend meetings and watch the horses parade in the ring before they head down to the start; maybe you prefer to sit at home, or in a bar, maybe during a break at work, and make your way through the runners and riders before making your choice and placing your bets – perhaps with those amazing people at Ladbrokes (of whom, much more later). On course, you might pick up a tip or two, perhaps not exactly from the horse’s mouth – unless that old TV talking horse Mr Ed has returned to life yet again! Being present, you can assess the conditions, how the track might run – and so on.

Of course, even if you like to be there, with so many meetings and a busy life, there’s probably not that many chances to watch the racing live and in person. However, whether you prefer to be at the end of a computer terminal, sitting comfortably with a cold one in your hand, or would prefer to be at the track – one thing binds both types of racing punter. That’s a desire for as much valuable information as they’d like when assessing form and making those selections.

Introducing Ladbrokes Ride Guide – where the information is from those in the know

If you haven’t yet found yourself in front of this superb feature, your Ladbrokes Ride Guide surely sets the information bar at a completely new height. How so? Well, this is where you hear the actual words from the mouths of our own country’s top jockeys. They’ll actually be offering frank opinions and letting you in on those secrets of how they expect the track or their mount to perform. The footage is exclusive to Ladbrokes Ride Guide. In the interviews with them, these great riders will talk about the planning for their upcoming races, you’ll gain an insight into the types of tactical advice they’ll have received from owners and trainers. But that’s just the start, as they’ll also be offering their opinions on how they expect that particular race to unfold.

It’s not really much of an exaggeration to suggest that it will almost be like being there, sitting behind them in the saddle holding on for dear life, as they hurtle around the track. You can imagine the tension at the start, the jostling for position, and then – they’re off! Perhaps your jockey intends to make the running, or is likely to leave that to others. You’ll probably know how the horse likes to run its races – and that’s certainly not always in the same way as either its trainer or jockey!

Taking the inside line for information

This stunning Ladbrokes Ride Guide certainly will provide the inside track knowledge that will provide food for thought as you plan which bets to place. You will watch the race unfold, and know how the horse has behaved against expectations. While they’re running, of course, it’s too late to to use it then – but just think of all you’ll then know, and have stored in that filing cabinet of your mind, ready to access and consider the next time you notice this horse and jockey have teamed up!

Of course, through accessing Ladbrokes Ride Guide before you bet, you’ll also be able to learn much more about the individual track conditions, and how both the animals and those brave people piloting them from gate to tape are likely to react to them.

Making the most of Ladbrokes Ride Guide

Surely, if you haven’t already made use of this, it’s time to give it a try. So how best to do so? These superb jockey videos are let out of the stalls, so to speak, before every major day of racing. They provide a level of intimate analysis that you could previously only dream about. They provide a focal point, allowing you to focus on the key criteria before placing any bet. You’ll be in the know and then good to go!

How to find them? Just as easily as you’d expect from Ladbrokes. Simply click on a play button that’s located right on the individual jockey silk, right next to the specific runner for each race card. And by by clicking on the runner’s name which you’ll find right of that silk, you’ll then find an expanded form of this terrific content. Access is yours, so it’s time to concentrate on the Ladbrokes Ride Guide content and what it means for your possible selection from those running.

If you’d like another way to call out this information, simply take yourself to the amazing Ladbrokes Info Hub. There you’ll find truly innovative ways of providing all the sports betting content you’ll ever need. Take yourself to their main racing page and find that Ride Guide icon. A moment later, you’ll be able to quickly click through to the race card page. Once again, you can then access the superb video interviews where these experienced jockeys talk so candidly about upcoming race tactics and so much more.

This superb feature is fully accessible for all Ladbrokes clients and it covers all of the Victorian major metro horse racing meets. You’ll find it loaded and ready for a superb two thirds or so of the runners at those selected locations.

Just to be clear

Of course, we’re sure you’ll appreciate this – but we do have to say it – the Ladbrokes Ride Guide videos are provided purely for the entertainment of their clients. The videos you’ll find are entirely unscripted and the company can provide no warranty about the accuracy of the information provided for these Ladbrokes Ride Guides. However, this feature certainly is a really terrific way to add to the thrill and enjoyment of placing those bets on top races and making your choice of horses. So, if you haven’t yet set up your Ladbrokes account and gained access to this Ride Guide feature – and so much more – it’s surely worth taking a look right now to see what’s available to add to your racing and betting enjoyment.